Now we've come full circle

"...A smokescreen covered their continuous blinks towards the outskirts of the great kingdom, until the cathedral was the only thing clearly visible. Along the way, they could sense the great shadow of a Dragon, watching their every step. Then, the voices of survivors seeking revenge towards the witch echoed through the destroyed cathedral halls. Others were tending to their wounded, others were trying to collect the Enlightened's burning husk from the great funeral pyre, whilst the archbishop was chanting blessings, leading the flock of peasants as if they were warriors, preparing to battle the mighty dragon..."


Choose your Path

Aleister Hero Character


Aeksia allows you, the acclaimed Game Master, to create and bring to life an entire world of imagination.

Roth Hero Character


No mather how far you are from your friends, here you will always feel like they are by your side.

Hecate Hero Character


Be to you and to your fellow friends who you have always imagine you would like to be.

Theregar Hero Character


Travel accross land, sea, ice and fire! Explore the vast world of Aeksia.

The Insights of Darkness

Hu Shun Xiao
When people comment on Aeksia's difficulty, I always reply 'The armor of a true knight, is not shiny - only battle worn'.

Billy Troposai, WRITER

Rob Auguste
There is nothing - literally - nothing more satisfying for a VFX artist to see his work giving life to a luscious 3D environment.

Bulat Iraliyev, CONCEPT ARTIST

Antonio Kirill
People ask me why I work such long hours and I find myself quoting the same thing - I simply adore making games.

Danilo Correia, PRODUCER

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